"You can't be sick forever"

"To the girl I used to be,
from the woman I've become:

It'll be a hot night in July when you meet him,
and you won't even stand a chance.
You're going to fall in love with his smile
from across the parking lot.
And that'll be just the beginning
It'll be one of the best but one of the worst decisions that you make
Do it anyway.

Getting over it will feel a lot like being sick
You'll have days where you wake up and life feels fuzzy and warm
And then you'll have days where you can't get yourself out of bed.
The people who love you can't fix you, but don't be afraid to lean on them when you feel
weak every once in awhile.
Time heals everything, that is the truth
And just remember,
you can't be sick forever

When you get on the plane to travel around the world for the first time, don't be so anxious
Close yor eyes and take a minute to say,
"thank you" instead.
Remember the days you felt sick
Remember the days you got yourself out of bed
Remember every chapter has to end
But don't ever stop turning the pages
And don't ever stop being grateful that you have pages left to turn
Thankfulness has magic in it. I promise.

PS: You're going to be just fine. You're going to be great, actually. Just wait and see"